District 201V3 Junior Public Speaking program

A little about this program...

This program has been running successfully since 2007 in the 201V3 District.  In 2016 it became a Multiple District project.  Each year, more and more Schools, Clubs and Districts are becoming involved.  Students really enjoy the program and reap the benefits for years to come.  Teachers are enjoying the program and making it part of their class curriculum as it incorporates story writing, research, speaking in front of the class, etc.

We have seen quiet, shy students, too timid to speak…stand up and deliver a speech that has simply blown judges away and they have gone on to win the Competition.  It’s amazing what this program can do for the kids that participate – not to mention the benefits that Club members receive as well.

Junior Public Speaking

Get involved with the YOUTH in your community…YOU’LL reap the benefits as much as they will!

What is the aim of this program?

To give students in Primary Schools the chance to develop their ability to speak in public.  This competition is run for primary students in Grades 3, 4, 5 & 6.

Why should Lions Clubs & Schools be involved?

  • Similar programs often do not exist in our Primary Schools or are difficult for them to access.  This is the case for most isolated schools.
  • Young students have an abundance of enthusiasm and self-confidence.  This program aims to build on this before they reach teenage years.
  • All young students need to build such skills in an environment which encourages them to participate
  • It’s a great way for schools to get involved with their local Lions Clubs and for Lions Club to be involved with their local schools and Community.

The Topics for 2023 are:

Years 3 – 4 “Oh no – you’ve turned into a Giant!”

One morning you wake up and something has happened, and you are now a giant. Just like the BFG (Big Friendly Giant) in Ronald Dahl’s book or the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk! How did this happen? What’s it like being a giant? What do you do while you are a giant? Do you stay that way? Tell us your story of being a giant. 


Years 5 – 6 – “Strange World Records set in History?

There are many World records held for many things – some strange and wonderful records over the course of history. Choose one and tell us about it. (A world record is usually the best global and most important performance that is ever recorded and officially verified in a specific skill, sport, or other kind of activity.

What skills do Student Develop through this program?

  • Students learn to look for information using a number of source – this may include books, the internet or speaking with family, friends and community members;
  • They expand their knowledge and understanding of a particular topic;
  • They gain an ability to organise their thoughts and feelings and then confidently express them to others

How does the program work?

 The competition consists of prepared speeches. Students are given a topic and ask to prepare a speech. Grades 3 and 4 students are asked to prepare a 3 minute speech and Grades 5 and 6 students are asked to prepare a 4 minute speech.


The Grades 5 and 6 student, who wins at the District level and progresses to the State level final will be asked at the State Final to also present a Short Preparation Speech. They will be given a topic. And 10 minutes to prepare a 1 minute response on this topic.

There are 5 levels to the Competition

School Level: held at each participating School in the Lions Club area. Run by the School with support from the Lions Club.


Club Level Competition:  held at individual Lions Clubs as part of a Dinner Meeting or at a special event. The winners in each level become the Club’s representative.


Zone or Regional Competition: These competitions will be held as required based on the numbers of participating Lions Clubs in each Zone. Club representatives will compete at these events. The Zone or Regional Competitions will be organised by the Zone Chair of the respective Zone.


Semi-Final Competitions: The conduct of the Semi-Finals will be based on the geographical spread of participating Clubs in the District. In 2022, there were two Semi-Finals conducted, one in Tooradin and one in Trafalgar. The winners in each section, from the Zone and Regional Finals will compete at the Semi-Final.


District Final: The winners from each section at the Semi-Finals will compete at the District Final. The District Final in 2023 will be held at the 201V3 Convention in Warragul on Saturday, 28th October.

Discussions are currently underway regarding the possibility of holding a State Final for Clubs in Victorian Districts. Information will be distributed when it becomes available.


Rules of the Competition

As with any competition, there are some rules to follow, so that everyone has the same opportunity.

Presentation of Speeches

Students should present their speeches from the floor or stage without the use of:

–   NO props, photo’s or slideshows during their speech

–   NO lectern – this allows for judges to see the student clearly – we encourage students to use palm cards instead of large sheets of paper.

–   MICROPHONES are allowed to be used. As not all schools/Clubs have microphones it is not necessary, if you have access to one, use it.  Part of learning to speak to a group, either small or large, is to be able to project your voice so that you can be heard.  Students should be encouraged to speak in a loud, clear voice when presenting their speech.
Use of a microphone is at the discretion of the Club, Region or District Chairperson.

Judging Criteria

Students will be judged on the following:

Beginning – begins in an interesting way, grabs attention, has main points
Central Theme evident and logical sequence developed
Research – supports opinions with facts and/or examples
Language – Appropriate use of language – clear, correct sentences, words well chosen, informative
Ending – strong, summary of main points, as close to time as possible.

Visual – Confidence, stance, unobtrusive use of notes
Use of gestures to convey message
Voice – clear, varied expression, pace, projection, etc
Engage Audience


If you are interested in finding out more about how to run this program in your club or school – contact the District Chairman below…


District 201 V3 Junior Public Speaking Chairman

Geoff Anderson

Mobile: 0412 285 913

Email: Geoff Anderson